We Help Navigate Local Medical Coverage Requirements

Medical coverage requirements vary from country to country. Some countries have a National Healthcare System and many do not. Those that have a National Health System normally allow private medical insurance to exist alongside. A number of countries insist the insurer be a local company while others allow international insurers. Even large multi-national insurers are not licensed to do business in all countries.

We can help you navigate the issues through our relationship with International insurers, local affiliations, and our array of country contacts.

Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Long Term Disability

As with medical coverage, each country has guidelines as to what coverage is admissible. We can advise you of the requirements in whatever country you have employees.

Retirement Plans

Most countries have regulations stipulating employers pay into some kind of Government retirement or pension plan on behalf of your local employees. Some countries allow a privately funded program in addition to any Government pension.

Requirements would have to be assessed on a country by country basis.

Kent International Group provides employee benefits solutions for companies with worldwide operations. Our experienced multi-national staff allows for an easy understanding of benefit requirements around the globe.

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